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It explains my lack of posts here at the Making Maps blog. Making Maps: DIY Cartography Blog at Post to. Cancel.

A website and forum for enthusiasts of fantasy maps mapmaking and cartography of all types. We are a thriving community of fantasy map makers that provide tutorials, references, and resources for fellow mapmakers.

State lawmakers should stop pretending at reform, pass an amendment to reduce the size of the Legislature and outlaw politically based legislative cartography.

This map takes the very same data yet is designed to ameliorate the form. It considers the underlying problems of its distribution and the geographies it is bound by.

While the democratization of mapmaking has much to add to an old science by allowing anyone with access to a computer to upload their findings, it’s also important that we acknowledge the pitfalls and.

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My domain is cartography so the lists I want to compile are those that I think will be useful to. This is my personal cartonerd blog where I offer opinions and.

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I´m looking for blogs or good websites about digital/web cartography.i´m not really interested in the deep technical ramblings (i´ve the forum lists for that) but rather inspirational blogs which

Jan 12, 2018. Cartography Inspirationator John Nelson made an awesome map of hurricanes and later posted detailed how-tos for ArcMap and recently.

Curators say "Women in Cartography: Five Centuries of Accomplishments" helps document the evolving role of women in mapmaking during the past 500 years. The exhibit — which opens Saturday at The Leven.

Cartography Blogs best list. Find information on cartography, tools, research, graphic artist, GIScience, maps, mapping resources, forums, map.

TED Talk Subtitles and Transcript: Mapping apps help us find the fastest route to where we’re going. But what if we’d rather wander? Researcher Daniele Quercia demos “happy maps” that take into account not only the route you want to take, but how you want to feel along the way.

And Eric Theise put together a Hello Tegola blog post that goes much. — Gretchen Peterson. viet Anh Hoang on Do Cartography With This One Weird.

Nov 6, 2016. Cartography Blogs. • • /. •

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Atlases: The library holds over 20,000 atlases, very broadly defined to include works containing five or more maps (over 5,000 dating from before 1850). Included are many sixteenth and seventeenth century works, some in multiple editions.

Who are those blurry, possibly robed figures hovering above a lake in Quarten, Switzerland, visible on Google Street View? Is it something on the camera lens? Or is it maybe. God and His only begott.

Feb 5, 2016. Tim Cole: I'm pleased that Henry returned to something that he referenced in passing in his previous blog: the need to explore survivors'.

American reporters appropriately had a ‘wait, what? moment’ on Wednesday during a Senate Judiciary committee meeting. Senator Diane Feinstein, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was defen.

Andy Woodruff · Cartographer | Blog. this time it was a lovely “Maps” notebook, in which I’ve vowed to work on hand-drawn cartography skills.

Aris Venetikidis is fascinated by the maps we draw in our minds as we move around a city — less like street maps, more like schematics or wiring diagrams, abstract images of relationships between places.

"Our customers want GPS navigators that come pre-loaded with the cartography that they need, and the GPSMAP 378 and 478 fit the bill. These two units are the ideal companions whether you’re sailing co.

Feb 20, 2017. The Dancer's Ways' dance retreat «The heart's cartography» was yet again: EPIC ! It was cold outside and warm inside. We worked hard; we.

Students in public schools in Boston district in the US found a strange looking map in their classrooms last week. This month, public schools in Boston district decided to switch from the most convent.

Apr 4, 2013. Without further ado, I present to you a collection of the best baseball related cartography on the web. Click on any of the images below for a.

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At Eyebeam in New York, from August 8: an 80-foot long day-glow map of Manhattan by Sumant Jayakrishnan, a luminous 3D model of the skyline by John Klima, computer kiosks with interactive mapping tool.

You may not have heard of him (I certainly hadn’t) but Alekan was a French cinematographer, who was born in 1909 (in Monmartre, Paris) and died in 2001.

It was a product of massive research in history, international law, geology, hydrography, marine biodiversity, and cartography. This included ten. Chinacase reverberated in forums, lectures, blogs.

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May 13, 2016. Earlier this year, we wrote a taxonomy of progressive metal. In it, we tried to draw rough outlines to a scene that we felt suffered from a gap.

Interesting maps, historical maps, BIG maps. Newell and Davis’ birdseye map of the Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia in 1876.

Climate scientists distinguish rock from clouds, snow, and ice in satellite images to bring a more precise measurement of Antarctica’s rocky outcrop. A long-forgotten Microsoft project from the late 1.

Frank Jacobs is a London-based author and blogger. He writes about cartography, but only the interesting bits. [1] The original “ass-backwards.” [2] The phrase “We are not amused” is popularly associa.

Nov 10, 2010. LAST month Kai Krause, a computer-graphics guru, caused a stir with a map entitled "The True Size of Africa", which showed the outlines of.

Here’s our list of 4 Awesome Cartography Blogs that will have you seeing maps in a whole new light. Check them out today!

May 27, 2016. Cutting-edge cartography. 6 Replies. During my Directions LIVE presentation, I wanted to highlight some of the new and interesting.

Hey what’s this on the Muni site. could it be. could it actually be. dare we hope for. maps? YES! Muni finally appears to be offering actual MAPS of service changes, eliminating the need t.

My domain is cartography so the lists I want to compile are those that I think will be useful to. This is my personal cartonerd blog where I offer opinions and.

Nov 05, 2015  · a selection of other topics that relate to antiquarian maps and map history

We also visited pretty much every bar, cafe and traditional Chinese restaurant favored by foreigners," Li said, adding the project was the most challenging of her eight-year career in cartography. Tra.

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Feb 10, 2017. February 10, 2017. Sam Wear and eSpatially New York features JL Cartography!.com/2017/02/09/jonathan-levy-cartography-remixed!

Web articles and commentaries on specific topics in the History of Cartography 9. The Americas

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I’m a huge fan of the Times’s Opinionator series that is taking us day by day through the Civil War; today’s entry, about how Frederick Law Olmstead used cartography as a weapon of diplomacy, is great.

Tourists still consider a New York hot dog or pretzel (or both) a must. “Cartography” is something like a contemporary field guide to mobile comestibles. In it, you’ll not only learn where to find the.